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People's Educational And Cultural Exchange (PEACE) is a social educational organization authorized by the Board of Education of Taito Ward in Tokyo.

The aims of PEACE are to promote international understanding and intercultural communication through the medium of English. PEACE brings together people from all over the world for intercultural workshops, social events and interpersonal exchanges.

We have such regular programs as Japan Culture Day featuring the demonstration and performance of Japanese cultures and Sightseeing Tour in Ueno Park guided by PEACE volunteer members. We hope these programs will help you better appreciate Japanese cultures and enjoy the traditional atmosphere of ancient TOKYO. Both programs are free to foreigners.

We also have Country Presentation given by a person who was born in the country. The presenter gives a short talk about his or her country on its language, people, culture, history, society and issues.

If you are interested in introducing your country to Japanese people, please contact us via email at peace.peace2010@gmail.com.

People's Educational And CulturalExchange


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